Rosa Whiteley is an architectural researcher and designer, whose work explores the intersection between architecture, ecology, and atmospheric politics. She is primarily interested in the many ways toxic-chemical flows rearrange the worlds that we live within, and how weird ecologies interact with and through human-made atmospheres.

Her work has been presented in Timisoara, Rotterdam, Beijing, Essen, Brussels and London. In 2021, Operaciones Editorial published Rosa’s first book, Horizontas Rosados. Rosa is currently an Associate Lecturer in Media Studies at the Royal College of Art School of Architecture. She holds an MA in Architecture from the Royal College of Art, London and a BA in Architecture from the University of Manchester.

Since 2019, Rosa has worked as a researcher and designer as part of Cooking Sections, who use food as a lens and tool to observe landscapes in transformation. She is also the Director of Material Research for CLIMAVORE C.I.C. in the Islands of Skye and Raasay.