Rosa Whiteley is an architectural researcher and designer based in London. Her work investigates how we have organised the world through toxic flows, and how those flows, in turn, organise us. Operating between archival film collage, animation, and physical installations, she aims to document and assemble the many stories of more-than-human acts of resilience within contemporary material flows.

Her work has been presented in Beijing, Essen, Brussels and London. In December 2021, Operaciones Editorial published Rosa’s first book, Horizontas Rosados. Rosa recently established the design-research collective Afterbodies, which was recently shortlisted for the Terra Carta Research Lab. In 2017, she graduated from Manchester School of Architecture with a BA Architecture first class (hons), and in 2020 she graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MA Architecture. 

Rosa also works as a project manager for
Cooking Sections, who use food as a lens and tool to observe landscapes in transformation.