In the Pink
In the Pink explores the politics in the air of the Kola Peninsula, Russia. From within clouds that are declared dead, and lands that are toxic and dying, it examines the lively creatures and critters that live through and within toxic landscapes and atmospheres. Living beyond the abstract dichotomies of life and death, resilient relationships are formed, somewhere between the air and the ground.

In the small mining town of Nikel, (Russian: Ни́кель; Finnish: Nikkeli), sulphur-rich nickel ore is both extracted from the ground and imported from afar. The consumptive and complementary economies of metal extraction and smelting has caused the whole of the Kola Peninsula to be declared damaged land, with almost a quarter of the area declared dead. In this land of accumulation, the earth, forests, rivers, and air have become defined through metallic landscapes of death and residue. As Mel Chen states, “This toxin is not alive, yet it enlivens morbidity in the fear of death.

Project initiated in 2020, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art.